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Sarangan lake tour

Tours in Lake Sarangan

Views of Lake Sarangan will pamper your eyes, because you can see a vast lake and green mountains around Mount Lawu Sidoramping towering. Coupled with a calm lake water and a mirror from the mountains and mountains all around. Staring at a row of mountains and mountain here also make more sense of calm and peace coupled with the cool mountain air with temperatures around 18-23 degrees Celsius. Cool mountain air as you enjoy Sarangan Lake lies at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level.

Surrounding Lake Sarangan

On the edge of the lake available water bike that resembles a duck and a boat. This can be a means for those who
want to surround the lake through the water. Or you can go around by horse or wagon offered by locals. Surely this can be fun pieces of your heart. Or for those who want exercise, you can surround this lake by walking or running. You also will find a pine forest on the slopes of the mountains around Lake Sarangan. The atmosphere is cool and beautiful will definitely make the sport enjoyable.


Close to Lake Sarangan, there is the entrance to the waterfall. There are three waterfalls that you can visit here is a waterfall Watu Ondo, shoulder Kiwo, and Jarakan. Near the entrance to one of these waterfalls, a former aircraft that made the monument remembering Sarangan County neighbors with City of Madison who was the Main Air Force Base.

The road to the waterfall is not difficult, even half of the trip can be done by car. The journey to the waterfall will be a fun trip. You will pass through the hills that were used for plantations. You can see a variety of vegetables that are probably rare in the city. You also can dip your feet into the clear, cold water and fresh water used for plantations. This could be an interesting means of learning for your child.

Typical food Sate Rabbit

Once satisfied around, you can order rabbit satay and rice cake that is offered in many surrounding this lake. Sate that are rarely found in other areas is worth you try, because the meat is soft and padded to keep you hooked. The price offered Rp 7,000 / share, the price is quite affordable for your pocket. Other foods that can be enjoyed here are rice pecel. Sarangan area next door to City of Madison is famous for its spices and sambal pecel. Pecel this to be special because a delicious peanut flavor plus a variety of fried foods as a complement.

Hotels and Lodging in Lake Sarangan

All around this lake, there are a lot of jasmine-class hotels that can be where you stay. Hotels competing offers prices that are not too expensive. You can stay in a room with 2 bedrooms, bathroom and living room with a price of about Rp 500,000, - for one night. Or there is only 1 room with a cheaper price. This inn also provides hot water for bathing and for drinking. Generally, this jasmine-storey hotel 2 so that you can freely enjoy the Telaga Sarangan with a broader perspective. You can also find at least 2-star hotel here.

Souvenirs from Lake Sarangan

Once satisfied to tour the Lake Sarangan, before returning you can shop souvenirs and souvenirs from Telaga Sarangan. You can buy bags, shirts or other crafts that were the work of the local community.

From Lake Sarangan, if you head west or central Java, you will find Karanganyar district, Central Java, which is famous for its natural attractions Grojogan Sewu. Whereas if you go east, you can stop by the City Madium buy souvenirs like typical Madison pecel Brem and a delicious sauce.

Sarangan a beautiful lake is perfect for your holiday with family. Enjoy your vacation in Lake Sarangan, beautiful natural attractions and fascinating!

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